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The Basics of Web Hosting

The internet is a massive collection of web sites, all hosted on computers called web servers. The web server where your web site's files reside is known as a web host. Web hosting allows clients to upload their web sites to a shared web server. This server provides a constant high-speed connection to the internet.

As every web site differs in content, so do the hosting services that are needed. You should choose your host and hosting plan based on size of the web site, programs required to run your web site efficiently, and other features such as the number of email accounts required.

How do I know what kind of hosting I need?

The first factor to consider is how your website was designed. For example, if you designed an ASP or ASP.NET web site, you will need a Windows hosting plan. If you have a web site that uses CGI or PHP, you will need to get a Linux hosting plan.

Another factor to consider is the amount of traffic or the number of visitors you expect monthly. The more visitors or traffic you expect on your site, the higher the amount of monthly bandwidth you will need. The third factor to consider is the size of your web site. If you are planning on having a large site with a lot of multimedia, you will probably more disk space than a site that is primarily text-based.

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